Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chello stalkers…How’s your Thursday going? Alllllllllllllllrighty then.

Well I’m getting ready for a much needed girls weekend up here in freezing Minnesota. I’m driving the whole 17 minutes to St. Paul to stay with my only female friend up here and another Atlanta friend is flying in today. Yippyyyyy skippy.

I’m cutting my hair today!!!!!!!!!!!!akjdhfkdhflakjhflkj ahhhhh

Also, it’s supposed to snow tonight or tomorrow 3-5 inches. Kill me.

OHHHHHH also, are you watching The Amazing Race? Well you should, my neighbors in Alabama are on it. WATCH IT OR ELSE. #vodka7up
guess which one they are 
hint: mullet

Im still fat.

I also got wind of my high school reunion today….it’s going to be the day after spanksgiving this year. WTF. Who plans it that close to the fattest day of the year? COME ON SHELLY.

I can’t wait to see all the people who are losers, uglier, fatter, and divorced. On the other hand, I feel 95% of my friends still look exactly the same. Like Kim, she’s still the size of a noodle, has close to no common sense, finally stopped working at those hooters-esq restaurants and hasn’t aged at all in the face, and of course, still has a long term boyfriend.

Beverly still looks Chinese even though she’s not, is batsh*t crazy and now she likes to knit---her future is looking bright and filled with cats. (also teaches ghetto kids, she's picking up some slang terminology so that, actually, is exciting). "she FINNA be a cat lady"
I still (of course) look like a F’n BOSS. a pale boss.

Or for instance Gina, she’s still giving off the lezbo vibe (refuses to wear makeup or women’s clothing), except now, she’s a cop…so that’s right on par.

Rebecca is exactly the same, she’s still the exact weight (I’d put all my chips on 107.3 lbs) as she was in 2003, except she’s married now …still wears the most ridiculous outfits that I don’t understand and baffles me when she’s the most religious Jewish lady I know then the most Cuban latino mama. MAZEL ese.
What I’m trying to say is, I love and miss all you broads and I don’t care if you're fat, lesbian, anorexic, or Buddhist...or ginger. I just don’t want to celebrate it the day after I’m in a sweaty south florida food coma. CRIGLER OUT.


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