Sunday, December 2, 2012

im back yo

I have been missing in action. Im busy working at my job--that I love. Still living in Minnestooooooooa. Supposedly its unusually warm, however, I think being in the teens is unusually cold and why do these freaks live here?

Holiday time goes fast and theres not much to update of tooooo much importance, other than Im still living here, I'm fat, Im finally getting a passport tomorrow, and flying to Alabama soon. OH, another fun fact. our neighbors in Daphne, AL are currently taping the season of "The Amazing Race" so that will be fun to watch on tv next year. I can't wait for the details, I'll get them over the Christmas vacation.

Speaking of Alabama, those redneck bastards are going to the National Championship game AGAIN. Miami better watch out. That city (as nasty as it is) mixed with those people, will be a mess. And as far as a cry that I think it is, I hope Notre Dame beats them.....fat chance. Like Notre Dame should even be in the game at all... anyone can be undefeated when they play little girly colleges. It should totally be bammers vs UGA. I'll stop this topic before I throw my laptop out the window. I cant stand bama.

OH and most sad of all....Auburn ended up only winning 3 games the entire year. We canned our lovely coach Gene Chizik and now we're trying to get out shiz lined up for next season, which gives us a small window of about 8 months to get someone great and get us back on track. Auburn has NEVER been so embarrassed in like a gillion years. something had to be done, so byebye Gene. I really liked Gene, he seemed right on track with the Auburn family and the meaning of Auburn. I read his book and thoroughly enjoyed it. He's a Southern, Christian family man and I feel there was nothing greater to represent our culture. Good luck in the future. War Eagle always.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Im baaAAAAAaaack.

YOOOO, I disappeared and apologies all around. My freaking life is great and nonstop and I got a new job so yeaaaaaaaaaaaa. busy as a bee. Im a recruiter for a small firm like 5 minutes from mi casa. today there were snow flurries. no me gusta. and I'm officially a functioning member of society. HALLELUJAH!

I love my job, I love my boss, I love it all. 

so grateful.

my KK is now my househusband. He's home all day (working from home) while I work, prepares lunch when I come home, makes the bed, does the laundry, and is excited to see me when I return. He's a keeper. 
Back up off my boo.

Thanksgiving is coming up. flights are redonkulous... and Im not prepared for Christmas to be right there behind it. OY

The presidential erection is soon. UGHHHHHHH. f u nobama.

speaking of bama....Auburn football is at an all time (in the history of time, im sure) low. like 1-7 record. like, serious. w.t.f. It's depressing and I don't even wanna think about it. 

so that about wraps it up. working, freezing, losing. ON A POSITIVE NOTE. My DIRTY BIRDS ARE UNDEFEATED!!!! KAAAA KAAAAAAAAAAAA, RISE UP!!!!

aka the Atlanta Falcons are kicking ace. and the Vikings are doing pretty hot as well. 

Auburn football has taught me to not hold my breath. so....we shall see.


I miss Atlanta. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

freezing and football.

Its "officially" Fall these days, however its felt like Fall here in Minnesota for far longer than the official  date. I'd venture to say its the middle of Winter. barf.

Im interviewing for jobs and its been insane. I hope to have a decision made tomorrow for a position. I don't even have cold weather interviewing garb. The high today is 75 though so, HIP HIP HORRAY.

Moms coming to visit soon! anddddd my friend from Atlanta is moving here today. Im so excited I could just throw up. I've forgotten what its like to interact with a female in person. Im stuck up Kevin and his friends butts every day, its getting old! 

My brother moved to Alabama over the weekend, marking the first time in his life he's ever made some long term decision. Lets hope he gets his life together. 

Auburn football is a joke this year...we are officially the worst, I've ever been alive to witness. We're 1-3. Haven't had a start like this since the 80's or something crazy like that. Next week we have a bye week, then after that we play 2 bad teams, however at this rate, we may not even beat them. Khiel Frazier is not a good quarterback and rivals The Jets Mark Sanchez in degree's of terribleness. I do however, always stand behind my Auburn Tigers no matter what. Im also not blind. SO, here's to making at least 5 wins so we can get a bowl game this year!!!!!!!

Im homesick.

Flying home to Florida in less than a month to go sail to the Bahamas for a few days.

sianara suckers

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th 2001, I got my drivers license....What were you doing?

holy macaroni.

Sorry I've been MIA. Since being in Minnesota I've come to realize I need a friggen job. Who wants to hire me? What I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. 

Liam Neeson just gets me.

I've been busy learning to live with a man, cleaning, doing laundry, wishing a job opening would just call me out of the blue, and crying every time my phone says any degrees below 75. Oh, I did get a new phone, ADIOS BLACKBERRY.

I've also gotten fat. Been to a Twins game. Got a Costco membership. Turned 27. and my honey got a new car. 

Life's great. 

OHHHH and the best news ever ever ever isssss, my friend from Atlanta just told me yesterday that she and her husband are moving up here in 2 weeks, YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. im happy.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I live in Minnesota.

This has been an insane last 5-7 days. All is well and Im finally moved in but there have been like 900 things on my mind and obstacles to overcome.

FIRST. I would like to say Uhaul in Buckhead off Peachtree St. right by the Kroger where it turns into Peachtree Industrial Blvd.....was fantastic. They were very helpful and I'm grateful for their generosity. long story short. I bought a hitch, took it to them to install, my car wouldn't allow them to install it, so they gave me a truck for about $150 cheaper than it would normally be because of all this mumbo-jumbo, last minute, unforeseen and unavoidable problems.

so. $640 later, we're on the road.

I'll miss you Atlanta :(

Then we went through Kentucky

oh lala Louisville

We then got to Indianapolis shortly after this picture....and slept at my Aunt's house that night after a great meal and a walk, we were in bed by 9:45. We got up at about 4:30am to get back on the road. Just as the sun was rising we went through Chicaghoe around 7ish.

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bears.

Guess where we went next??

we spent $30 on cheese. 


 The weather during the 2 days of travel was beautiful.....that is, until we hit Minnesota.

looking a little muggy minnesota...

oh, thanks for the welcome home party.

But the fun didnt stop there. In the midst of unpacking some necessary boxes from the back of the uhaul in the sprinkling rain. My cheapass flip flops from sears slipped and left this baby on my backside


 Well, Im here in one piece (except for the mirror I was holding when I fell) and Auburn football starts in 3 days and my birthday is on Labor Day (5 days)...the next couple of days are gonna be crazy. I cant wait.

crigler OUT.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

JUICY NEWS and Im moving in 24-48hrs

It's 5am and I cant sleep. shocker. It's been a couple of days since my last oh so deep, largely fonted post. But not only was yesterday my moms 1 year anniversary of marriage (skankydashian's wedding anniversary would've been the day before it---my how 294 days have flown by). Stay focused Courtney, the juicy news is.

My ex is gonna be a baby daddy.
(T-bird thats just my baby daddy)

I'm..... ugh. still feeling weird about it. Surely Im not the only one who feels this way after an ex and yourself parts ways....according to my calculations via bookface, they did the dirty like 3-4 months after he broke my ticker. Is that a rebound? Im sure I was still crying into my couch pillows by that point. jerk. 

He's having a girl and I cant help but feel the irony. He's not with the mother anymore I hear, but in more ways than one--he is...for like the next 18 years. I wonder if she's crazy? wouldn't that really stir the pot? crazy broads really get me going. Women are half as crazy as they are because of the crap they make up themselves in their brains. Im sure hormones aren't helping either. 

In way more important relevant news, my number one boo who didn't knock up his ex, Kevin is flying in this morning and I cant wait to have him help me pack see him! We have a new apartment that we're temporarily moving into in Eden Prairie, MN 

and in case you missed this list published a couple of days ago, BOOM.

NUMBER 3! (and my Alma Mater in at #89)


We've got a 6 month lease and Im WAYYYYY excited. My first time living in sin with a boy! Don't tell pawpaw. Im almost 27, I think Im old enough. And we're not having babies or anything cray. Kevin is making offers on houses and fingers crossed, we'll have a home soon.

Kevin lands in about 4 hours then its off to get a hitch installed on my car, pick up the uhaul, pack up the 10 boxes that I haven't even assembled, and eat lunch at my favorite sushi restaurant. busy coco.

I forgot to mention...

My brother Drew got in a bad accident 3 days ago and this is my public service announcement to NOT USE CELL PHONES WHILE DRIVING. He broke his nose, teeth went through his lip, he was bloody and swollen, and bonus, totaled my moms 2012 Land Rover. Always wear your seatbelt and don't fiddle for your phone at midnight. ps. this is a quick way to end the feud with your mother. It scared me pretty bad and having to hear via a text from my aunt was less than ok. Mom said she tried to call but it didn't go through, f u T-Mobile. 

Have a happy Wednesday and take no one for granted. I love you, Drewby.


Friday, August 17, 2012

Im moving in 1 week!

yep, you heard it here second people. I just told Facebook world a few minutes ago, and once its on facebook.....ITS FOR SERIOUS.

yea, so, thats about it for this post. Im about to cry my eyes into a bottle of wine because Im trying to figure out how to get a hitch installed on my car... and its proving impossible in my time frame OF A WEEK. wtf. I hate pep boys, by the way.

Im mainly focusing on eating at all my favorite places in the next 7 days. I gotta go. Simply Thai is calling my name, BYE

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

JLO got married

Im baaaaack. its been 6 days since my last post....I've been busy with everything for that wedding, being a taxi service for Kevin and Karla, trying not to die in the Alabama heat and packing my life up into boxes. its been nuts. 

The first problem started about an hour after my last post, I found out Kevin's flight was CANCELLED and rescheduled for Friday morning at 9am. Karla's was delayed like 3 hours and needless to say, we did not get to go to Montgomery that night. Luckily Kevin got on the 6am flight Friday morning, but then it was delayed and we just couldn't wait any longer. He ended up having to get a rental car and drive to Montgomery. I felt horrible! 

I hate you Delta.

The luncheon went fine, we got yummy food and cute gifts. 

bridesmaids at the luncheon

We took a nap afterwards then headed to the venue in BFE Lapine, 45 minutes outside of Montgomery. Im surprised we had cell reception. 

The Old House at Meriwether

The rehearsal was quick and fun, then we headed to downtown Montgomery and called it a night at about 12am. 

MOH, Bride, MEEEEE, bridesmaid, bridesmaid

The morning of the wedding was also awesome, I was craving bang bang shrimp from Bonefish we went there...and wouldn't you know it....they were unveiling their "brunch" menu the following day, so they were giving out the free menu that day to all "friends and family"...we soon became friends and family and got a free martini, appetizer, and entree's. it was amazing. 

We got to the venue in enough time for the bridal party to do ALL the junior bridesmaids hair. wtf. where are your parents? we do not have time to french braid 5 little girls ratty, tangled, sweaty, stinky hair while we are trying to get ourselves ready. ANNNNNNNNYWAY, we finally threw ourselves together and everything went off great. There were 2 kegs that were snuck in, however when the dad got wind of it, he took it upon himself to steal the tap when we weren't there guarding it. Needless to say, we took the party elsewhere to another middle of nowhere Alabama city. 

middle-of-nowhere after party

The weekend was fun and Im glad we all got to see our favorite country girl get married. Now they're in Jamaica mon....can't wait to see who gets married next!

-toodle loo

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Its been exactly 4 years since.....


whatttttttttttt. where did 4 years go? straight down the toilet as far as Im concerned. Here's a recap...

As I reflect on what has happened in my life the last 4 years, a few things come to mind..... 
Auburn won a National Championship, 
Cam Newton rules the free world, 
Obama has made everyone SUPER happy, 
I moved to Atlanta knowing only 1 person, 
I felt my first earthquake--all the way in Atlanta via Virginia, 
My mom beat me to the alter, 
I got fat then skinny then fat again, 
Corporate America sucks, 
I learned I should've went to grad school, 
Student loans are going to last forever, 
I met Chelsea Handler, 
BP killed thousands of innocent animals and turned the gulf coast into shit sand, 
I didn't win the largest Mega Millions Lottery ever, 
I bought a new car, 
Joe Pa was an old lying bastard,
Michael Jackson died,
Oprah went off the air and now Im depressed at 4pm daily,
Our president won a nobel peace prize- WTF,
Trannies can be in beauty pageants,
Tiger Woods is a scumbag,
We killed Osama Bin Laden!

Just to name a few.

Tomorrow are my twin sisters 11th birthday and I wont be there to celebrate due to the wedding on Saturday....I believe this is the first birthday I've ever missed of theirs :(

Im off to start my fantastic weekend in 2 short hours!!! My Kevin flies in at 6 and the maid of honor flies in at 8pm. Then we're all off to Montgomery tonight! Bridal luncheon tomorrow morning and probably "dry" wedding on Saturday....NO COMMENT.
tata stalkers!

Friday, August 3, 2012

One month until my birthday!!!!!

Yall better start shopping for my gift. T minus 30 days folks. 

Im dieting like an insane psychopath for the wedding I have to be in next, excuse grumpy gills over here. I'm down 8 pounds and need probably like 5 more to successfully zip my dress, not have back fat, and be able to sit down without holding my breath......ahhhh the wonders of having a low backless dress. 


I almost ate the plate too.

Today is Olympics Day 7. There's only 10 days left.....then no more half naked Ryan Lochte, waaaaaaa. Also, Happy 28th Birthday Lochte----i love you mucho mucho.

Alright, I gotta go work out and get this bod ripped. psh. yea right. Im going to stare at cheetos till I pass out.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

IM BAAAACK. and so are the Olympics!

SO. Its been a hot minute since I've written on here...apologies. It's been a craaazay weekend/beginning to the week!! First off, I went to Minneapolis for the weekend and it was amazing! I ended up getting Friday off work, so instead of my 9:40pm flight, I did standby for the 8:40am flight, and (due to 2 connection flights being late) I ended up getting on by the skin of my teeth. Thank the Lord. So Im beyond elated to get into town to see my love and spend the whole day doing whatever until the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics later that evening...

WELL, Mr. Kevin and his ding dong friends decided to go out the night before, lose their softball championship game, then go to dollar bowling at 10pm. Kevin ended up sleeping in Friday morning and forgot to pick me up at the airport. I sat at the airport for 1 hour and 45 minutes plotting my wrath to surely kill him when he did get there. I was beyond mad...there should be a new word invented for the rage I felt in ending his life. I'll stew on that for a little and get back to you. So when he picked me up, I ripped him a new one and he of course had nothing more to say besides how sorry he was. He was super sorry and I mean, how long can you really hold a grudge against someone who fully understands the level of their screw up. So eventually, after he apologized forever and ever, I got over it. THEN he decides to take me over to the house with all his friends that "peer pressured" him into drinking until Lord knows when in the morning. So I get there and those guys are an even hotter mess than Kevin was. They're all still in their stinky softball outfits and knee high socks. 


We all went to lunch and it was just dandy. Now, I'm super dooper excited about the Olympics. So after watching that terrrrrrible (said in Charles Barkley voice) Opening Ceremony, we couldn't take it anymore. (seriously, who wants to re-live the Industrial Revolution or see light up beds and huge baby heads?--NO ONE) 

We went out to start the weekend in downtown Minneapolis...Kevin then gets a text from his life long best friend (he is the 3rd baseman for the Twins--who recently got sent back down to the minors to improve his hitting) saying he's getting called back up and will play in tomorrow's game. Wouldn't you know it, we had tickets and we were already planning on going. PERFECT! His fiancé (they both went to high school with Kevin and I) was also coming into town and I was just tickled pink. Im going to her bachelorette party in October and haven't seen her in a few months.

Me, Jocelyn, and Joanna

I'd also like to note, these Minnesota fans are serious about some baseball. You can see that those seats are pretty much full...and they are currently the worst team in the league. The Marlins got a brand new stadium this year, Im pretty sure they couldn't pay people to come to their games. sad. (and they just got rid of all their players, idiots). The Twins ended up sweeping the Indians that weekend :)

Lets get down to the serious stuff. The Olympics.

I just looooooooooooove the Olympics, it shows me how unaccomplished and out of shape I am as a 26 year old female. But thats ok. I grew up doing gymnastics and cheerleading, so naturally I love watching gymnastics. I've been a fan since the '96 Atlanta Olympics. I even went to the "rock n roll gymnastics tour" after the Olympics wrapped while I was living in Indianapolis. It was a birthday gift I'll never forget. I'm a huge fan...I even got Shannon Miller's autograph about 10 years later in the Mall of America, I was the only person wanting an autograph who was over the age of 10. oh well. I don't care. Kevin made me get in line after I freaked out when I saw her sitting at the table signing autographs...I was instantly embarrassed to stand in line with those little girls, but after he announced "We've got her biggest fan, right over here" I accepted defeat and got in line so he'd shut up. ahh memories.

I'm sure you've seen the biggest choke of all time that happened last night. The reigning bronze medal Mens Gymnastics team totally Ray Finkled* their moment in the spot light. They didn't even televise our rotation on the rings---thats how bad it was. (that or they kicked us out and asked us to go work on our  cartwheels) We ended up in glorious 5th place. shame shame. better luck in Rio, guys.

This is turning into a novel and Im sorry. I'll just wrap this baby up by saying. Its Tuesday so Tosh.0 comes on tonight, and if you can tear yourself away from the Women's Gymnastics competition tonight (going for gold) and Missy Franklins swim, as well as Michael Phelps (going for 2 medals) swims tonight, then good on ya. Im not. Sorry Tosh. I love you long time.

bye folks!

*If you haven't seen Ace Ventura, slap yourself right now.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

gay chickfila, penn state, mariah carey

I would first like to start this off by saying, being gay is not a choice. If you're ignorant enough to think kids, teens, and adults choose to ostracize themselves, hide their identities for years, and commit suicide then shame on you. Why do you care what gay people do? you aren't going to catch it and you're certainly not going to change it. Now, Chickfila is just stupid for even addressing this whole gay issue. Everyone knows how good their food is, gays and straights. I can understand why the gays are having an uproar, but then again, they have an uproar over anything. I have a hard time with this issue because I do have a lot of family and friends that are the stereotypical southern, judgmental, and stubborn ignoramuses. It hurts my feelings because my best friend is gay and half black. I have many gay friends that are just like you and me, and it hurts to even think that they are judged by what their sexual preference is, rather than who they are. I need to move on from this subject before I start name dropping and go into a rage. Open your mind people.

In other recent news...
Penn State is finally starting to act like what all of America is feeling. Joe Pa's old wrinkly ass died and left a legacy of shame. Thank God it came out. He turned the other cheek while a ton of kids lives were permanently scarred. The statue was taken down and his recorded wins were all taken away dating back to 1998, making him not the all time winningest coach. He now falls to #12, behind FSU's Bobby Bowden and Alabama's stupid Bear Bryant (with all their made up national championships)-----don't get me started on Alabama Football. barf. Penn State is also banned from bowl games for the next 4 years, they're being charged $60 million dollars, instead of paying toward their football program, to put towards abuse causes and such. And finally, which I think is the best, all the football players are allowed to transfer anywhere they want without being penalized, meaning they're able to play immediately. sweet. How sad is it that such a legacy went down in such terrible flames? Well, you reap what you sow, Joe Pa. 

And finally, Mariah Carey has signed on to judge American Idol. Excuse me, but what is someone like Mariah Carey doing on reality television? Celine would never pull such a move. I feel its a low point in her career, but then again, she did marry Nick Cannon. yikes. The show did do wonders for Jennifer Lopez's career last year. huge the 'highest earning woman of the year' things. Whatever, I want the old Mariah back, the running though the fields in jean shorts and mid-drift showing singing to me about her sweet, sweet fantasies, baaayyyyybeeee. before she went all crazy with butterflies. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

I survived... barely.

Well this has been a Monday. My calves burn from two nights of 5+ inch stilettos and about 6 hours of driving yesterday. 3 of which I was riding in a back seat filled to the ceiling with suitcases and everything 9 girls need to throw a lingerie party/stay at the beach. Then I had to drive about 3 hours in my car from Montgomery to Atlanta. BOO THAT. I had a loooooot of fun though and surprisingly it didn't rain at all when we were down there. We laid out in the overcast both days and got some sun. The only bummer was that myself and Lauren got Jamie the same thing from Victorias secret :( womp womp. 
We all decided to wear pink and boy was that a hit when we went to dinner. We went to Cobalt, which is a nice restaurant on the water. They told us the wait was 2 hours, so we decided to take our troop to the outside bar.....and sure enough, 15 minutes later we got our table. crazy. and awesome. Its as though they had never seen a large group of hot women wearing the same color, because every single person starred as we filed down the middle aisle towards the back room to our table. It was like a Victoria's secret runway show except we all weigh more than 70 pounds and didn't have million dollar diamond bras on.

Lingerie Party 
Gulf Shores, Alabama

War Eagle, Ladies

Those are the only appropriate ones I have to post.....we have far too many jobs/dignity to protect. At some point, we met a bachelor party at the Florabama... his fiancé was in New Orleans (so was our brides fiancé) and so those lameo's followed us around all night. Lindsey then found out one of the guys was taking the bar the upcoming Tuesday, then we heard there were more lawyers in their group. She then decides that we're going to be smart lawyers too. She said I was a pediatrician, someone was a nuero-scientist and then threw a couple more of us in as lawyers.  When he asked about her advice for taking the bar,  I almost peed myself. Seeing as she is about to be a teacher, not an attorney. Then after some hot tubbing, waffle housing, and 4am beach frolicking, I think everyone was finally asleep. It was such a fun trip! The wedding is in 3 weeks, its time to lose weight so my dress will fit!!!!!! awesome. 

My next trip is in 4 days, Im headed to Minneapolis on Friday :) I cant wait to see my kk. Adios muchachos!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beach Bachelorette Party Preview

So its Thursday and today Im heading to a bachelorette party in the biiiiig party beach city of Gulf Shores, Alabama. I know, I know. party. central. Well I think there's about 10 of us going down and packing into a condo...The weather report says 60% chance of rain tomorrow and 50% Saturday, so this should be fun. However Florabama in the rain, I've done before so its not a total loss. I just hope I don't run into my dad there...OY! Being contained with 9 other chicks in a room for 2 days could prove fatal. However I've lived with 3 of the girls, so I know at least those will survive. Lets paint a pretty little picture of what Im up against... All the girls going are about 115 pounds soaking wet with perfect you know whats and southern charm, then theres me....oh and Marlea, she's a cop, and lets face it...she's got enough stereotypes to fight off (LEZZzzz be honest). But Im the (only) dark haired Indian girl with a deep love connection of all things carb related and cheesy, Im a little hippy and curvy, and just really don't give a flying bleep. So Im like Barbie's secret friend who she doesn't want to take in public, and Barbie, is who I'll be with this weekend. Except barbie is really, really country, Christian and super sweet. and has the most southern draaawl you've ever heard in your life. She also has guns... and brothers.

Take a gander at barbie & co.

....I've decided we shall take a stroll through college memory lane....I hope no one kills me for these fantastic photos Im posting.

marlezzylea, me, and bride barbie

Marlea is scared of the sun


I finally did it

bride barbie, bridesmaid, bridesmaid barbie


The only person who doesn't like the sun more than Marlea, is Jes...and her sister.

we're wearing the same bridesmaid dress. I just cant wait.

ohhhh let me touch your leg

This lady protects the streets of Alabama.

What Im trying to say is, Im ready for this wedding. Let the camo wedding bells ring!! I hope you enjoyed these pictures throughout the college years. Lets hope I make it through the weekend! tata

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

men, football, brown eye

chello all,

Its chtuuuuesday, don't you hate it when people say it like that? me too. Which means.........tosh.o is on tonight! Yes!!! the only thing I look forward to on Tuesdays is this. He's the only man I find attractive that I probably weigh more than. If you don't love him, go get your head checked. While we're on the subject of men I fancy, here's a list in no particular order: Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gossling, Channing Tatum, and last, but certainly not least........TIM TEBOW..........sigh. 

But lets get down to the serious business, Auburn football starts in 46 days. I will unfortunately be missing the first game vs Clemson, which will ironically be here in Atlanta. I will be in Minnesota celebrating the Labor Day/my birthday weekend there, supposedly they have big fairs there.....I will NOT be spending my birthday with carney folk, please believe. All I know, is that they have over 10,000 lakes and you bet your sweet ace I'll be floating on one of those with a cold one. Be it by boat or floaty, its happening. Im also excited for being the only insane fan 18 hours north of Auburn, Alabama watching this game and screaming like a maniac...we all know thats the only way Auburn plays, where you want to rip the tv off the wall, kill someone, and cry at the same time. so. beware minnesoooooota. And our games vs Clemson in the past few years have been a reaaaaaaaaaal nail biter. I don't even want to think about it. 


The other thing I noticed recently is that I believe my eyes are not brown anymore. Im not sure when this happened or if no one told me, but my eyes look more greenish that brown! w.t.f. Im having an identity crisis and Im not sure how I feel about it. whats next? pale skin? ginger hair? oy. before you know it I'll be eating lucky charms, irish dancing and be attracted to Colin Farrell. nay I say, nayyyyyyyy. 

looks green to me....or is this considered hazel? whatever it is, I want brown back.

adios muchachos!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

it's sunday, lets nap.


Today is Sunday and Im half deep in a bottle of chardonnay....lets dance blogface. This weekend has been the only one where I have no plans at all.........these are rare. Im busy most weekends, between family in Daphne, Al and Boca Raton, Fl...and Kevin in Minneapolis....Im all over ze place. This weekend I had no plans, and I wanted to keep it that way......I did however get a text at 3pm yesterday asking me to babysit...I accepted. So the highlight of my weekend was babysitting 2 kids Saturday night.......I also took 2 naps today, one at about 10:30 and the other at 1:30.....(and I'm not even depressed) I've also failed to mention that I started juicing 3 days ago and have since lost 5 thats also a large thing thats been apart of my weekend....I juice 2 meals a day, breakfast and favorite recipe is 4 carrots, 3 apples, 1' ginger, and 1 lime. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMO. I have a bachelorette party to attend in 4 days.......and Im certain to be the largest lady there by about 25 lbs. I hope to lose an additional 5 lbs by Thursday. BET IT. 

Another thing that happened recently....yet strangely, is that both my mother and best friend have been fighting with me for about a month or 2 now.......however, mom sent me an email yesterday, and my best friend text me a picture of us today....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....shall I mend those bridges? perhaps. Im pretty stubborn, however Im also very level headed and know when things are my fault............Im pretty good at admitting when Im to blame...and Im pretty sure Im not for neither instances....mayyyyyybe I am when it comes to Carol, but then again, I cant control the US postal service and she needs to get over it, and stop imposing her views on me. As for my best friend...........I need Dr. Phil. 

There are some big changes coming soon in my life and I want all to be well in the transition. Anddddddddd on Friday I plan on getting a copy of my birth certificate so I can finally get a passport. Amen! oh and Im going to Minnesota in 2 weeks yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. talk soon blogstalkers.

And in case you're interested, Virgin Diaries comes on this Wednesday at 10pm EST on TLC........its hilariously ridiculous and a great laugh. please watch. thank me later for the awkward laughter you experience.

I love Tim Tebow. 


Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th


I've decided, for some reason, to start a blog. Mainly out of boredom, mostly because I like to show people how awesome and funny I am. Oh and connect with "family and friends", isn't that what most people say about doing one of these things? When in actuality they probably just want to show off how perfect their lives seem and rich they are. My life isn't perfect and I haven't inherited a large sum of money nor rob banks on the reg so, I'd consider myself pretty comfy and borderline normal in my happy loud life. I enjoy the finer things but lets not get crazy. I owe ewgobs of money to Auburn University that I'll be paying off until Im 40. boo. 

SO, "friends and family" whats happened with me in the past couple of years? Well, if you don't stalk me daily on face book then here's a snapshot. Graduated in 08/08, moved to Atlanta in 10/08, not married, no kids, no tattoos, and still have long hair. My twin sisters are almost 11, Drew is almost 24 and I'm almost 27. I still don't have a passport and have never been on a cruise. Carol finally got married and cares for her 2 dogs more than me, Im fairly certain. They don't talk back or eat as much as I do. Then again, I don't poop and pee on the floors!

Well, I think this about wraps it up for me folks. Have a happy Friday the 13th, walk under some ladders, do something with black cats, break a mirror, and step on a crack. I'm not superstitious, just a little stitious.

I don't take a lot of pictures alone so enjoy my vanity for the moment.