Tuesday, July 31, 2012

IM BAAAACK. and so are the Olympics!

SO. Its been a hot minute since I've written on here...apologies. It's been a craaazay weekend/beginning to the week!! First off, I went to Minneapolis for the weekend and it was amazing! I ended up getting Friday off work, so instead of my 9:40pm flight, I did standby for the 8:40am flight, and (due to 2 connection flights being late) I ended up getting on by the skin of my teeth. Thank the Lord. So Im beyond elated to get into town to see my love and spend the whole day doing whatever until the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics later that evening...

WELL, Mr. Kevin and his ding dong friends decided to go out the night before, lose their softball championship game, then go to dollar bowling at 10pm. Kevin ended up sleeping in Friday morning and forgot to pick me up at the airport. I sat at the airport for 1 hour and 45 minutes plotting my wrath to surely kill him when he did get there. I was beyond mad...there should be a new word invented for the rage I felt in ending his life. I'll stew on that for a little and get back to you. So when he picked me up, I ripped him a new one and he of course had nothing more to say besides how sorry he was. He was super sorry and I mean, how long can you really hold a grudge against someone who fully understands the level of their screw up. So eventually, after he apologized forever and ever, I got over it. THEN he decides to take me over to the house with all his friends that "peer pressured" him into drinking until Lord knows when in the morning. So I get there and those guys are an even hotter mess than Kevin was. They're all still in their stinky softball outfits and knee high socks. 


We all went to lunch and it was just dandy. Now, I'm super dooper excited about the Olympics. So after watching that terrrrrrible (said in Charles Barkley voice) Opening Ceremony, we couldn't take it anymore. (seriously, who wants to re-live the Industrial Revolution or see light up beds and huge baby heads?--NO ONE) 

We went out to start the weekend in downtown Minneapolis...Kevin then gets a text from his life long best friend (he is the 3rd baseman for the Twins--who recently got sent back down to the minors to improve his hitting) saying he's getting called back up and will play in tomorrow's game. Wouldn't you know it, we had tickets and we were already planning on going. PERFECT! His fiancé (they both went to high school with Kevin and I) was also coming into town and I was just tickled pink. Im going to her bachelorette party in October and haven't seen her in a few months.

Me, Jocelyn, and Joanna

I'd also like to note, these Minnesota fans are serious about some baseball. You can see that those seats are pretty much full...and they are currently the worst team in the league. The Marlins got a brand new stadium this year, Im pretty sure they couldn't pay people to come to their games. sad. (and they just got rid of all their players, idiots). The Twins ended up sweeping the Indians that weekend :)

Lets get down to the serious stuff. The Olympics.

I just looooooooooooove the Olympics, it shows me how unaccomplished and out of shape I am as a 26 year old female. But thats ok. I grew up doing gymnastics and cheerleading, so naturally I love watching gymnastics. I've been a fan since the '96 Atlanta Olympics. I even went to the "rock n roll gymnastics tour" after the Olympics wrapped while I was living in Indianapolis. It was a birthday gift I'll never forget. I'm a huge fan...I even got Shannon Miller's autograph about 10 years later in the Mall of America, I was the only person wanting an autograph who was over the age of 10. oh well. I don't care. Kevin made me get in line after I freaked out when I saw her sitting at the table signing autographs...I was instantly embarrassed to stand in line with those little girls, but after he announced "We've got her biggest fan, right over here" I accepted defeat and got in line so he'd shut up. ahh memories.

I'm sure you've seen the biggest choke of all time that happened last night. The reigning bronze medal Mens Gymnastics team totally Ray Finkled* their moment in the spot light. They didn't even televise our rotation on the rings---thats how bad it was. (that or they kicked us out and asked us to go work on our  cartwheels) We ended up in glorious 5th place. shame shame. better luck in Rio, guys.

This is turning into a novel and Im sorry. I'll just wrap this baby up by saying. Its Tuesday so Tosh.0 comes on tonight, and if you can tear yourself away from the Women's Gymnastics competition tonight (going for gold) and Missy Franklins swim, as well as Michael Phelps (going for 2 medals) swims tonight, then good on ya. Im not. Sorry Tosh. I love you long time.

bye folks!

*If you haven't seen Ace Ventura, slap yourself right now.

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