Tuesday, July 17, 2012

men, football, brown eye

chello all,

Its chtuuuuesday, don't you hate it when people say it like that? me too. Which means.........tosh.o is on tonight! Yes!!! the only thing I look forward to on Tuesdays is this. He's the only man I find attractive that I probably weigh more than. If you don't love him, go get your head checked. While we're on the subject of men I fancy, here's a list in no particular order: Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gossling, Channing Tatum, and last, but certainly not least........TIM TEBOW..........sigh. 

But lets get down to the serious business, Auburn football starts in 46 days. I will unfortunately be missing the first game vs Clemson, which will ironically be here in Atlanta. I will be in Minnesota celebrating the Labor Day/my birthday weekend there, supposedly they have big fairs there.....I will NOT be spending my birthday with carney folk, please believe. All I know, is that they have over 10,000 lakes and you bet your sweet ace I'll be floating on one of those with a cold one. Be it by boat or floaty, its happening. Im also excited for being the only insane fan 18 hours north of Auburn, Alabama watching this game and screaming like a maniac...we all know thats the only way Auburn plays, where you want to rip the tv off the wall, kill someone, and cry at the same time. so. beware minnesoooooota. And our games vs Clemson in the past few years have been a reaaaaaaaaaal nail biter. I don't even want to think about it. 


The other thing I noticed recently is that I believe my eyes are not brown anymore. Im not sure when this happened or if no one told me, but my eyes look more greenish that brown! w.t.f. Im having an identity crisis and Im not sure how I feel about it. whats next? pale skin? ginger hair? oy. before you know it I'll be eating lucky charms, irish dancing and be attracted to Colin Farrell. nay I say, nayyyyyyyy. 

looks green to me....or is this considered hazel? whatever it is, I want brown back.

adios muchachos!

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