Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beach Bachelorette Party Preview

So its Thursday and today Im heading to a bachelorette party in the biiiiig party beach city of Gulf Shores, Alabama. I know, I know. party. central. Well I think there's about 10 of us going down and packing into a condo...The weather report says 60% chance of rain tomorrow and 50% Saturday, so this should be fun. However Florabama in the rain, I've done before so its not a total loss. I just hope I don't run into my dad there...OY! Being contained with 9 other chicks in a room for 2 days could prove fatal. However I've lived with 3 of the girls, so I know at least those will survive. Lets paint a pretty little picture of what Im up against... All the girls going are about 115 pounds soaking wet with perfect you know whats and southern charm, then theres me....oh and Marlea, she's a cop, and lets face it...she's got enough stereotypes to fight off (LEZZzzz be honest). But Im the (only) dark haired Indian girl with a deep love connection of all things carb related and cheesy, Im a little hippy and curvy, and just really don't give a flying bleep. So Im like Barbie's secret friend who she doesn't want to take in public, and Barbie, is who I'll be with this weekend. Except barbie is really, really country, Christian and super sweet. and has the most southern draaawl you've ever heard in your life. She also has guns... and brothers.

Take a gander at barbie & co.

....I've decided we shall take a stroll through college memory lane....I hope no one kills me for these fantastic photos Im posting.

marlezzylea, me, and bride barbie

Marlea is scared of the sun


I finally did it

bride barbie, bridesmaid, bridesmaid barbie


The only person who doesn't like the sun more than Marlea, is Jes...and her sister.

we're wearing the same bridesmaid dress. I just cant wait.

ohhhh let me touch your leg

This lady protects the streets of Alabama.

What Im trying to say is, Im ready for this wedding. Let the camo wedding bells ring!! I hope you enjoyed these pictures throughout the college years. Lets hope I make it through the weekend! tata

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