Tuesday, July 24, 2012

gay chickfila, penn state, mariah carey

I would first like to start this off by saying, being gay is not a choice. If you're ignorant enough to think kids, teens, and adults choose to ostracize themselves, hide their identities for years, and commit suicide then shame on you. Why do you care what gay people do? you aren't going to catch it and you're certainly not going to change it. Now, Chickfila is just stupid for even addressing this whole gay issue. Everyone knows how good their food is, gays and straights. I can understand why the gays are having an uproar, but then again, they have an uproar over anything. I have a hard time with this issue because I do have a lot of family and friends that are the stereotypical southern, judgmental, and stubborn ignoramuses. It hurts my feelings because my best friend is gay and half black. I have many gay friends that are just like you and me, and it hurts to even think that they are judged by what their sexual preference is, rather than who they are. I need to move on from this subject before I start name dropping and go into a rage. Open your mind people.

In other recent news...
Penn State is finally starting to act like what all of America is feeling. Joe Pa's old wrinkly ass died and left a legacy of shame. Thank God it came out. He turned the other cheek while a ton of kids lives were permanently scarred. The statue was taken down and his recorded wins were all taken away dating back to 1998, making him not the all time winningest coach. He now falls to #12, behind FSU's Bobby Bowden and Alabama's stupid Bear Bryant (with all their made up national championships)-----don't get me started on Alabama Football. barf. Penn State is also banned from bowl games for the next 4 years, they're being charged $60 million dollars, instead of paying toward their football program, to put towards abuse causes and such. And finally, which I think is the best, all the football players are allowed to transfer anywhere they want without being penalized, meaning they're able to play immediately. sweet. How sad is it that such a legacy went down in such terrible flames? Well, you reap what you sow, Joe Pa. 

And finally, Mariah Carey has signed on to judge American Idol. Excuse me, but what is someone like Mariah Carey doing on reality television? Celine would never pull such a move. I feel its a low point in her career, but then again, she did marry Nick Cannon. yikes. The show did do wonders for Jennifer Lopez's career last year. huge things....like the 'highest earning woman of the year' things. Whatever, I want the old Mariah back, the running though the fields in jean shorts and mid-drift showing singing to me about her sweet, sweet fantasies, baaayyyyybeeee. before she went all crazy with butterflies. 

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