Monday, July 23, 2012

I survived... barely.

Well this has been a Monday. My calves burn from two nights of 5+ inch stilettos and about 6 hours of driving yesterday. 3 of which I was riding in a back seat filled to the ceiling with suitcases and everything 9 girls need to throw a lingerie party/stay at the beach. Then I had to drive about 3 hours in my car from Montgomery to Atlanta. BOO THAT. I had a loooooot of fun though and surprisingly it didn't rain at all when we were down there. We laid out in the overcast both days and got some sun. The only bummer was that myself and Lauren got Jamie the same thing from Victorias secret :( womp womp. 
We all decided to wear pink and boy was that a hit when we went to dinner. We went to Cobalt, which is a nice restaurant on the water. They told us the wait was 2 hours, so we decided to take our troop to the outside bar.....and sure enough, 15 minutes later we got our table. crazy. and awesome. Its as though they had never seen a large group of hot women wearing the same color, because every single person starred as we filed down the middle aisle towards the back room to our table. It was like a Victoria's secret runway show except we all weigh more than 70 pounds and didn't have million dollar diamond bras on.

Lingerie Party 
Gulf Shores, Alabama

War Eagle, Ladies

Those are the only appropriate ones I have to post.....we have far too many jobs/dignity to protect. At some point, we met a bachelor party at the Florabama... his fiancĂ© was in New Orleans (so was our brides fiancĂ©) and so those lameo's followed us around all night. Lindsey then found out one of the guys was taking the bar the upcoming Tuesday, then we heard there were more lawyers in their group. She then decides that we're going to be smart lawyers too. She said I was a pediatrician, someone was a nuero-scientist and then threw a couple more of us in as lawyers.  When he asked about her advice for taking the bar,  I almost peed myself. Seeing as she is about to be a teacher, not an attorney. Then after some hot tubbing, waffle housing, and 4am beach frolicking, I think everyone was finally asleep. It was such a fun trip! The wedding is in 3 weeks, its time to lose weight so my dress will fit!!!!!! awesome. 

My next trip is in 4 days, Im headed to Minneapolis on Friday :) I cant wait to see my kk. Adios muchachos!!!!

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