Monday, September 24, 2012

freezing and football.

Its "officially" Fall these days, however its felt like Fall here in Minnesota for far longer than the official  date. I'd venture to say its the middle of Winter. barf.

Im interviewing for jobs and its been insane. I hope to have a decision made tomorrow for a position. I don't even have cold weather interviewing garb. The high today is 75 though so, HIP HIP HORRAY.

Moms coming to visit soon! anddddd my friend from Atlanta is moving here today. Im so excited I could just throw up. I've forgotten what its like to interact with a female in person. Im stuck up Kevin and his friends butts every day, its getting old! 

My brother moved to Alabama over the weekend, marking the first time in his life he's ever made some long term decision. Lets hope he gets his life together. 

Auburn football is a joke this year...we are officially the worst, I've ever been alive to witness. We're 1-3. Haven't had a start like this since the 80's or something crazy like that. Next week we have a bye week, then after that we play 2 bad teams, however at this rate, we may not even beat them. Khiel Frazier is not a good quarterback and rivals The Jets Mark Sanchez in degree's of terribleness. I do however, always stand behind my Auburn Tigers no matter what. Im also not blind. SO, here's to making at least 5 wins so we can get a bowl game this year!!!!!!!

Im homesick.

Flying home to Florida in less than a month to go sail to the Bahamas for a few days.

sianara suckers

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