Thursday, October 25, 2012

Im baaAAAAAaaack.

YOOOO, I disappeared and apologies all around. My freaking life is great and nonstop and I got a new job so yeaaaaaaaaaaaa. busy as a bee. Im a recruiter for a small firm like 5 minutes from mi casa. today there were snow flurries. no me gusta. and I'm officially a functioning member of society. HALLELUJAH!

I love my job, I love my boss, I love it all. 

so grateful.

my KK is now my househusband. He's home all day (working from home) while I work, prepares lunch when I come home, makes the bed, does the laundry, and is excited to see me when I return. He's a keeper. 
Back up off my boo.

Thanksgiving is coming up. flights are redonkulous... and Im not prepared for Christmas to be right there behind it. OY

The presidential erection is soon. UGHHHHHHH. f u nobama.

speaking of bama....Auburn football is at an all time (in the history of time, im sure) low. like 1-7 record. like, serious. w.t.f. It's depressing and I don't even wanna think about it. 

so that about wraps it up. working, freezing, losing. ON A POSITIVE NOTE. My DIRTY BIRDS ARE UNDEFEATED!!!! KAAAA KAAAAAAAAAAAA, RISE UP!!!!

aka the Atlanta Falcons are kicking ace. and the Vikings are doing pretty hot as well. 

Auburn football has taught me to not hold my breath. so....we shall see.


I miss Atlanta. 

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