Sunday, December 2, 2012

im back yo

I have been missing in action. Im busy working at my job--that I love. Still living in Minnestooooooooa. Supposedly its unusually warm, however, I think being in the teens is unusually cold and why do these freaks live here?

Holiday time goes fast and theres not much to update of tooooo much importance, other than Im still living here, I'm fat, Im finally getting a passport tomorrow, and flying to Alabama soon. OH, another fun fact. our neighbors in Daphne, AL are currently taping the season of "The Amazing Race" so that will be fun to watch on tv next year. I can't wait for the details, I'll get them over the Christmas vacation.

Speaking of Alabama, those redneck bastards are going to the National Championship game AGAIN. Miami better watch out. That city (as nasty as it is) mixed with those people, will be a mess. And as far as a cry that I think it is, I hope Notre Dame beats them.....fat chance. Like Notre Dame should even be in the game at all... anyone can be undefeated when they play little girly colleges. It should totally be bammers vs UGA. I'll stop this topic before I throw my laptop out the window. I cant stand bama.

OH and most sad of all....Auburn ended up only winning 3 games the entire year. We canned our lovely coach Gene Chizik and now we're trying to get out shiz lined up for next season, which gives us a small window of about 8 months to get someone great and get us back on track. Auburn has NEVER been so embarrassed in like a gillion years. something had to be done, so byebye Gene. I really liked Gene, he seemed right on track with the Auburn family and the meaning of Auburn. I read his book and thoroughly enjoyed it. He's a Southern, Christian family man and I feel there was nothing greater to represent our culture. Good luck in the future. War Eagle always.

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