Wednesday, August 22, 2012

JUICY NEWS and Im moving in 24-48hrs

It's 5am and I cant sleep. shocker. It's been a couple of days since my last oh so deep, largely fonted post. But not only was yesterday my moms 1 year anniversary of marriage (skankydashian's wedding anniversary would've been the day before it---my how 294 days have flown by). Stay focused Courtney, the juicy news is.

My ex is gonna be a baby daddy.
(T-bird thats just my baby daddy)

I'm..... ugh. still feeling weird about it. Surely Im not the only one who feels this way after an ex and yourself parts ways....according to my calculations via bookface, they did the dirty like 3-4 months after he broke my ticker. Is that a rebound? Im sure I was still crying into my couch pillows by that point. jerk. 

He's having a girl and I cant help but feel the irony. He's not with the mother anymore I hear, but in more ways than one--he is...for like the next 18 years. I wonder if she's crazy? wouldn't that really stir the pot? crazy broads really get me going. Women are half as crazy as they are because of the crap they make up themselves in their brains. Im sure hormones aren't helping either. 

In way more important relevant news, my number one boo who didn't knock up his ex, Kevin is flying in this morning and I cant wait to have him help me pack see him! We have a new apartment that we're temporarily moving into in Eden Prairie, MN 

and in case you missed this list published a couple of days ago, BOOM.

NUMBER 3! (and my Alma Mater in at #89)


We've got a 6 month lease and Im WAYYYYY excited. My first time living in sin with a boy! Don't tell pawpaw. Im almost 27, I think Im old enough. And we're not having babies or anything cray. Kevin is making offers on houses and fingers crossed, we'll have a home soon.

Kevin lands in about 4 hours then its off to get a hitch installed on my car, pick up the uhaul, pack up the 10 boxes that I haven't even assembled, and eat lunch at my favorite sushi restaurant. busy coco.

I forgot to mention...

My brother Drew got in a bad accident 3 days ago and this is my public service announcement to NOT USE CELL PHONES WHILE DRIVING. He broke his nose, teeth went through his lip, he was bloody and swollen, and bonus, totaled my moms 2012 Land Rover. Always wear your seatbelt and don't fiddle for your phone at midnight. ps. this is a quick way to end the feud with your mother. It scared me pretty bad and having to hear via a text from my aunt was less than ok. Mom said she tried to call but it didn't go through, f u T-Mobile. 

Have a happy Wednesday and take no one for granted. I love you, Drewby.


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