Thursday, August 9, 2012

Its been exactly 4 years since.....


whatttttttttttt. where did 4 years go? straight down the toilet as far as Im concerned. Here's a recap...

As I reflect on what has happened in my life the last 4 years, a few things come to mind..... 
Auburn won a National Championship, 
Cam Newton rules the free world, 
Obama has made everyone SUPER happy, 
I moved to Atlanta knowing only 1 person, 
I felt my first earthquake--all the way in Atlanta via Virginia, 
My mom beat me to the alter, 
I got fat then skinny then fat again, 
Corporate America sucks, 
I learned I should've went to grad school, 
Student loans are going to last forever, 
I met Chelsea Handler, 
BP killed thousands of innocent animals and turned the gulf coast into shit sand, 
I didn't win the largest Mega Millions Lottery ever, 
I bought a new car, 
Joe Pa was an old lying bastard,
Michael Jackson died,
Oprah went off the air and now Im depressed at 4pm daily,
Our president won a nobel peace prize- WTF,
Trannies can be in beauty pageants,
Tiger Woods is a scumbag,
We killed Osama Bin Laden!

Just to name a few.

Tomorrow are my twin sisters 11th birthday and I wont be there to celebrate due to the wedding on Saturday....I believe this is the first birthday I've ever missed of theirs :(

Im off to start my fantastic weekend in 2 short hours!!! My Kevin flies in at 6 and the maid of honor flies in at 8pm. Then we're all off to Montgomery tonight! Bridal luncheon tomorrow morning and probably "dry" wedding on Saturday....NO COMMENT.
tata stalkers!

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