Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I live in Minnesota.

This has been an insane last 5-7 days. All is well and Im finally moved in but there have been like 900 things on my mind and obstacles to overcome.

FIRST. I would like to say Uhaul in Buckhead off Peachtree St. right by the Kroger where it turns into Peachtree Industrial Blvd.....was fantastic. They were very helpful and I'm grateful for their generosity. long story short. I bought a hitch, took it to them to install, my car wouldn't allow them to install it, so they gave me a truck for about $150 cheaper than it would normally be because of all this mumbo-jumbo, last minute, unforeseen and unavoidable problems.

so. $640 later, we're on the road.

I'll miss you Atlanta :(

Then we went through Kentucky

oh lala Louisville

We then got to Indianapolis shortly after this picture....and slept at my Aunt's house that night after a great meal and a walk, we were in bed by 9:45. We got up at about 4:30am to get back on the road. Just as the sun was rising we went through Chicaghoe around 7ish.

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bears.

Guess where we went next??

we spent $30 on cheese. 


 The weather during the 2 days of travel was beautiful.....that is, until we hit Minnesota.

looking a little muggy minnesota...

oh, thanks for the welcome home party.

But the fun didnt stop there. In the midst of unpacking some necessary boxes from the back of the uhaul in the sprinkling rain. My cheapass flip flops from sears slipped and left this baby on my backside


 Well, Im here in one piece (except for the mirror I was holding when I fell) and Auburn football starts in 3 days and my birthday is on Labor Day (5 days)...the next couple of days are gonna be crazy. I cant wait.

crigler OUT.

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