Wednesday, August 15, 2012

JLO got married

Im baaaaack. its been 6 days since my last post....I've been busy with everything for that wedding, being a taxi service for Kevin and Karla, trying not to die in the Alabama heat and packing my life up into boxes. its been nuts. 

The first problem started about an hour after my last post, I found out Kevin's flight was CANCELLED and rescheduled for Friday morning at 9am. Karla's was delayed like 3 hours and needless to say, we did not get to go to Montgomery that night. Luckily Kevin got on the 6am flight Friday morning, but then it was delayed and we just couldn't wait any longer. He ended up having to get a rental car and drive to Montgomery. I felt horrible! 

I hate you Delta.

The luncheon went fine, we got yummy food and cute gifts. 

bridesmaids at the luncheon

We took a nap afterwards then headed to the venue in BFE Lapine, 45 minutes outside of Montgomery. Im surprised we had cell reception. 

The Old House at Meriwether

The rehearsal was quick and fun, then we headed to downtown Montgomery and called it a night at about 12am. 

MOH, Bride, MEEEEE, bridesmaid, bridesmaid

The morning of the wedding was also awesome, I was craving bang bang shrimp from Bonefish we went there...and wouldn't you know it....they were unveiling their "brunch" menu the following day, so they were giving out the free menu that day to all "friends and family"...we soon became friends and family and got a free martini, appetizer, and entree's. it was amazing. 

We got to the venue in enough time for the bridal party to do ALL the junior bridesmaids hair. wtf. where are your parents? we do not have time to french braid 5 little girls ratty, tangled, sweaty, stinky hair while we are trying to get ourselves ready. ANNNNNNNNYWAY, we finally threw ourselves together and everything went off great. There were 2 kegs that were snuck in, however when the dad got wind of it, he took it upon himself to steal the tap when we weren't there guarding it. Needless to say, we took the party elsewhere to another middle of nowhere Alabama city. 

middle-of-nowhere after party

The weekend was fun and Im glad we all got to see our favorite country girl get married. Now they're in Jamaica mon....can't wait to see who gets married next!

-toodle loo

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